Dialysis Disposables

Bicarbonate cartridges for haemodialysis

DiaCart and DiaBox bicarbonate cartridges for all common dialysis machines with suitable cartridge holder. Our bicarbonate cartridges are a key component meeting the highest standards in the preparation of dialysis fluid. Our extensive range of cartridges provides the following technical conditions:

  • Ergonomic design of cartridge containers
  • Use of high-quality starting materials in injection moulding production
  • Optimized packaging design for storing and transporting
  • Environmentally friendly disposal because a uniform type of material

DiaCart  – the modern method of producing a dialysis concentrate for hygienic bicarbonate dialysis.

Cleaning Cartridges (A+C)

1. Avoid chemical disinfection residual risk.
2. Avoid the injury risk from misuse.

3. Sealed package, security access.

4. No need residue testing.

1. Automatic dilution.
2. Cleaning cartridge C+ heat disinfection( > 85 C): Remove precipitated calcium and magnesium salts + heatdisinfection (finish in one time) .
3. Cleaning cartridge A+ heat disinfection( ( > 85 C): Remove organic deposits, fats and proteins + heatdisinfection (finish in one time).
4. Save machine maintenance time.
Environmental protection: 
1. on line preparation, improves air quality of dialysis room.
2. Recyclable polypropylene container, less impact to environment.
3. Corrosion and wear of the machine is much less than chemical disinfection.
Less space, convenient for transportation and storage.
convenient operation for staff.
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